We are a performance-based studio! Each term, all classes are cast into an original production. Time is spent in every class working on choreography. A one-time costume fee is required for each student, each term. For our summer session, a film fee will take the place of the costume fee.



Our ballet program takes a neoclassical approach using Italian and American stylization. In addition to technique, students focus on ballet vocabulary and performance. We emphasize creativity and individuality through movement.


Hip Hop

Show off your personality in our hip hop classes! Using isolations, students learn to break down movement and hit choreography with strength and style. We explore multiple areas of hip hop including breakdance and tutting.



Influenced by ballet, modern, and lyrical dance, contemporary classes focus on fluidity of movement and freedom of expression. Classes include instruction in floorwork, flexibility, turns, and various dance tricks such as rolls and walkovers.


More Styles

Our combination classes include our popular Tap/Jazz/Broadway and preschool Tumble & Dance. We also offer a rotating selection of other dance styles. Check back each term to see what programs are offered for your dancer.