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At Tippy Toe Dance Studio, we strive to instill the love of dance in each student by providing quality instruction in an inclusive environment. By actively giving back to our local and global community, we cultivate a culture of responsibility within our staff and students. Our studio produces original and thought-provoking performances that inspire dancers to use their creative abilities as a positive influence on the world. At Tippy Toe, we turn dancers into artists.


In between various volunteering events, Tippy Toe is hard at work on their main focus – original productions that transform the well-known ballet format into approachable, thought-provoking narratives performed by the students.

Written and choreographed by Rebecca Swisher, these shows are nothing like the end-of-year recital you might expect from a local studio. The stories encompass sophisticated topics such as existentialism, relationships, and grief, yet impart a sense of hope and optimism that audience members of all ages and backgrounds fall in love with. From the preschoolers and first-time dancers to the professional-level young adult dancers, the students work together on executing raw emotions and intense movements twice a year.

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Tippy Toe specializes in performance, individuality, confidence through movement, ballet vocabulary and choreography. We offer classes in neoclassical ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, tap/jazz/broadway, breakdance, acro, and competitive dance. Whether you have danced for years or are just beginning, we have classes for you!

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